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  1. I mostly wanted the option to transfer for a much later use because I'd like to shiny hunt on SS and just if later If I feel like I want to pass them onto another game but again I appreciate the offer to help. Annoying to have to go through tedious ways since pokemon ds games are so expensive now lol
  2. I would try that but at the same time I would have no idea who to try this with. But if I really plan on transferring I might just remake them one by one with the ones I want to keep. Mostly for the shinnies I may plan on hunting. It seems easy enough with the right tools and is a single person job and seems tedious but all I have for right now with this repro cart. I appreciate with the help and if I find someone to try this with I'll see if it works.
  3. It doesn't work for me, or transferring from 4 to 5 doesn't work, I don't have another gen 4 legit copy but I doubt with all the issues normal trading would work.
  4. It is a repro I know that for a fact. I got it off ebay for 20$ with the focus of being able to transfer with a method like this. If there's nothing to do past this point its okay. I appreciate the help with this tedious process.
  5. I had used checkpoint with and both with ultra sun, ultra sun worked fine with that method. The first "save" being the one with "ultra sun" was from the SS cart. I mean the file is named Pokemon SS so I dont know how it had ultra sun in it and it was taken from the SS folder. I had tried another method that was using twl and yet still all my saves didnt work. I can try another method that's NDS/DSi tool but looking at the save file for twl its blank just like the most recent one linked before. So :/, my guess is that the cart just cant be read by anything due to it being a repro?
  6. I mean I have a pokemon both in my team and box, if to be something on there I'd need to go deeper in the game I'll try that and then check again with a hex editor myself but idk what else. Struggling to find an once of what to do and a bummer cause I was hoping to play this and have a safe haven that being the ability to transfer pokemon to later games.
  7. So I redid the save read it and it doesnt have the "ultra sun" I have no idea why that was present in the first one because I took it directly from the cart of my soul sliver and my ultra sun is downloaded onto my sd. But it still doesn't seem to work with pkhex regardless. POKEMON SS.sav
  8. ahhh i see that, I'm confused on why it says ultra sun when I directly pulled it from a soul sliver file. Is there any way to solve this issue?
  9. So looking more into it just seems like the cart itself. I tried to use another backup thingy called twl and that still didnt work. In another thread it said to change the file just by changing the name it still is read but doesn't seem to even work regardless. I wanted to see if resetting the actual save worked but I also have no idea if that would work cause if it is the cart then idk.
  10. It's a fake soul sliver that I'm trying to see if I would be able to transfer pokemon. pksm didnt work and nethier does pkhex which was literally my last resort. I am using checkpoint for it and works fine with my ultra sun but not my soul sliver. Any help? Looking more at the save file it says last edited 2034??? Is it just legit the cartridge and should I try and seek to get another one? POKEMON SS.sav
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