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  1. Hello there! I have been trying to get Pokemon Stadium 2 to load up into PKHex, but have been encountering issues. When I try loading up my dumped Pokemon Stadium 2 save (I have tried other saves with similar issues) it gives me an error saying it is unsupported. I have looked into the issue but it seems that this save should be compatible. It is 131072 bytes in size which I believe is correct. I tried with an old save I had found on my pc from years and it works, but I do not fully understand why it works while this current one does not. The old one that works is: Pokemon Stadium 2 (U) [!].fla The new one (I am trying to get to work): PokemonStadium2.NP3E.fla If anyone has any idea why this is happening please let me know. Thanks Edit: Here is the error it gives me:
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