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  1. Version 1.01 is available now as the new download in the OP. In the weeks following 1.0, it became very obvious to us that our early testing group had a higher difficulty tolerance than the general public, so we made a lot of changes to make things easier across the board. The patch notes below will contain spoilers for the entire hack, so reader beware! Features: Bug Fixes: Balance Changes - Starters Balance Changes - Dungeons/Enemies Just a reminder that we're always open to feedback and having active conversations about the hack on the EotS Discord. We don't know if there's an issue unless you tell us. Thanks for the support!
  2. Hey all, we've had a few FAQs pop up in our Discord, so I thought I'd post those here as well for those that don't want to join the server. These will all appear in the known bugs txt file in the next patch. 1) There are some weird backgrounds (ex: solid blue, actors clipping into walls, etc) appearing for some reason You are using the incorrect base rom. Follow the patching instructions in the txt inside your download, and do not force patch an incompatible rom. Online patchers don't do a validity check like desktop xdelta does, so if you're using that method, you need to make sure that you have the correct base by manually checking. See #patching-issues in the Discord if anything else comes up. 2) The game crashes during a cutscene in Chapter 3 You are most likely using TwilightMenu++. The reported fixes for this are either switching to DSi mode or using a different loading method for original hardware. 3) The postgame dungeons won't let me in for some reason We forgot to put a message there saying that you need to only bring two mons with you. Fix coming next patch.
  3. Hey, I think you also commented on our YT channel with this question. FYI for anyone else wondering, manual mode is not in this hack because we didn't balance around it. It's definitely a cool option, just doesn't fit exactly what we were going for.
  4. What is the spirit? Explorers of the Spirit is the first ever playable full-length PMD story hack, starting development in mid-2020 and now reaching a 1.0 release a little under two years later. The team behind the hack has put a lot of love and effort into this thing, and we really hope that you'll enjoy it. Features: Starter Pokemon Adjustments: Launch Trailer: Screenshots: Special Thanks/Abbreviated Credits: Download (CURRENT VERSION: 1.01 - May 6, 2022) - Includes an XDELTA patch for the US version of Explorers of Sky, detailed instructions for patching and transferring saves between versions, a changelog, and a list of known bugs as of the current release EOTS RELEASE 1.01.zip We'd love to hear your thoughts on the hack! Join the discussion on the EotS Discord: https://discord.com/invite/pDxrBVryky
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