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  1. ah well that sucks... so theres literally no way to bring it back?
  2. so I found this post on reddit of a guy with a houndoom in a pokewalker, but no cartridge to bring it into. So I was wondering if there was any way to somehow extract save data from a pokewalker, so I could try and save the houndoom. I also dont know if this is the best place to ask, but its the best place i could find
  3. I was just thinking because when you go into the app on your phone it says "downloading master data", so would the app's files have the pk8 files in there somewhere? If not, is there any way to back up pokemon home save data?
  4. After right clicking and then pressing legality, it still says it's legal for me, does that mean its a problem with my pkhex and not the actual file?
  5. I uploaded my Cleffa (this.pa8) to PKHeX to try to change it's height, pokeball, and level and PKHeX said it was legal, but when I tried to trade the exported pokemon (173 ★ - Treble - BB4D53D90873.pa8) in this sysbot discord server I'm in, the bot said this: Does anyone know why this happened?
  6. 1. I definetly downloaded the latest release 2. I tried using a pb8 file after the pa8 didn't work just to see if it was a problem with the pa8 Here is another image proving I have the latest update (look at origin game) and using the pa8 file:
  7. Whenever I try to upload my .pa8 or .pb8 files to PKHeX it keeps giving this error message, I also attached the .pa8 file just incase there's something wrong with it 092_-_Gastly_-_F1AC64B2F587.pa8
  8. Can anyone please share pb8 files (for brilliant diamond) for a mudkip egg and shiny castform egg? I need them to be eggs so they'll have my OT in the playthrough. The discord server with the sysbot that I'm trying to use doesn't let you select "as egg" which is why I need the pb8 file. I don't have a computer so I can't make it myself. Thanks in advance!
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