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  1. So on pkhex, load your save and then go to SAV> Misc edits> you should find buttons for turning on darkrai, shaymin and spiritomb.
  2. On the recent pkhex builds there are options to auto unlock darkai and shaymin flags, making it so the events are acessible at anytime, but if you haven't beaten the league yet it seems to change the elite four battles to rematch teams
  3. After altering my save to do the darkai and shaymin event flags the game assumes i have beaten the league and doesn't let me fight the regular teams. Can i alter flags on my save to fix that? For context i had 8 gym badges and had completed the pokedex, was just about to go inside the league but decided to get some legendaries first... Even after removing the game clear flag and the darkai/ shaymin event flags the game only lets me fight the rematch teams, im not sure on how to fix my save so any help is welcome.
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