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  1. I am using the yellow disassembly project and I've made a new map and wanted to add some trainers there, i've being googling and testing this for hours now, but nothing works. I've found a tutorial but I think it was outdated as I just got a bunch of errors. Any help would be really appreciated, I cant even find tutorials for this
  2. Welcome to Pokémon PipYellow! This is a very simple ROM Hack, the game is pretty much the same thing as the original Yellow with just a few very simple QOL changes + more pokémon in the wild. This is a great rom if you want to experience the original game while being able to get all 151 pokémon with no trade at all. Download the .gbc file HERE! (use this on emulators) Download the .cia file HERE! (use this on a 3ds) The changes included in this ROM are: --Pokémon that evolve by trade now evolve with a Moon Stone instead. --Moon Stones are available to purchase at the Celadon Dept. Store, replacing Poké Dolls. --Added pokémon only avaible in Red/Blue as wild encounter. --Reduced coins needed to buy Porygon at the Prize Corner. --Eevee, Omanyte, Kabuto, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan available to purchase at he Prize Corner. --Mew is available as an in-game trade. Pics:
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