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  1. Awesome! The first save actually had my old data (altho corrupt and lost my battle records and vids) and I managed to load in, save, and it fixed the corruption. The others were just my current one. Regardless while I did lose my battle frontier records, I am very grateful I have it now! Thank you so much!
  2. I got you. The first one "Platinum PL" is the corrupted one, and the one with "Version" in it, is the one someone fixed in hex editor. While we did manage to fix it and I could load it, as I mentioned earlier, I would like to get a backup of my original save that appeared when the cartridge loaded in PKSM. POKEMON PL.sav Pokemon_Platinum_Version.sav
  3. Hello everyone, I was hoping to have help with an rather unusual case. Back then, I had an old save of Pokémon Platinum and I erased it in-game to start a new game. However, after starting this new game, a message that the save game was corrupted would always appear even while the save game was fine. Months later, I was checking the save in PKSM, I found out a rather strange thing: pksm would load my OLD SAVE, not my new one! Due to that, I was interested on retrieving the old save. When asking help from PKSM developers in their GitHub, they said: "the Platinum (and other Gen 4 games) contain two copies of the save, each taking up half of the save area. If you manually fixed your corrupted save dump, it's possible that you didn't update the save counts (which determine which save to load from the two) in the way PKSM expects. PKSM is a little more sensitive than the games themselves because it has to handle that logic for all three categories of G4 games, each of which has slightly different rules for save count interpretation. What seems likely is that one of the two save blocks in your current save has your new save, and the other has your old save. In order to back up a full save region with the old save active, you would have to edit the save counts such that the old one is the most recent (and passes the hash checks properly) according to the game's interpretation of save counts." What I would like to know is how do I switch the blocks to make my old save load instead, if possible?
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