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  1. Bonjour, So after playing a few rom hacks on different generations over the years, I decided to make one myself on Sword / Shield. I've already got the gist of it, like I can do basic stuff with pkNX, edit a few things including raids and dialogues to a pretty good extent, and I can't see anything that might bother me on the long run EXCEPT for the game's level cap, which depends on the number of badges acquired. I know this is veeeery original but yeah I'm making a hard mode hack and raising the leveling curve somewhat helps in this kind of case, but it's actually kinda hard to do if you can't catch anything over level 35 if you have only three badges for example. So, yeah, is there any way to edit, or at least remove the level cap? For example, instead of the usual 20/25/30/.../55/100, I'd like to have 20/30/40/.../80/100. If my limited knowledge of Switch ROM hacking is of any indication, I get the feeling the only replies I'll get are "lol sorry we can't do that", but if there's any way somebody could prove me wrong then I'll gladly take it. Hell, even an Action Replay code could do the trick. Honestly that's not that big of a deal, I could deal with the level caps, but honestly if there's a workaround I'll gladly take it. TL;DR: Is there a way to edit or remove the level caps conditioned by the number of gym badges?
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