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  1. Is the Home Tracker ID fixed? Meaning: ALL pokemon that I transfer from Go -> Home will have the same tracker ID? I asked this because I transfered a Goldeen from Go -> Home, from Home -> Shield, then I traded it to a Sysbot that gave me the pk8 file for the Goldeen, and in it, I see the Home Tracker ID. If it is constant, then couldn't I take the Home tracker ID from the Goldeen file and put it on whatever Pokemon I wish? Thanks for all your help.
  2. @theSLAYER Sorry for bothering you… there’s one more question I have. I noticed that when checking in Pokémon Home, the Pokémon that I actually caught in Pokémon Go show that in a separate section, but these Pokémon do not, did I do something wrong? I’ve attached screenshots.
  3. @theSLAYER Oh wow. Thank you so much. I didn't know any of this. I really appreciate the help! I'll try your suggestions and report back! @theSLAYER OMG it worked. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a little new to this, so I might use some incorrect terms, and for that, I apologize. I am using the .pk8 files uploaded by theSLAYER for Pokemon Go Transfers. I was trying to edit the save of a Shiny Groudon. I changed was OT, I wanted it to say my name. It was still legal. However, when I change the ball type to Premier ball, it becomes illegal and says "Invalid: Unable to match encounter from Origin Game". The problem is that you shouldn't have been able to get a Shiny Groudon from Pokemon Go in anything other than a Premier ball, so why is it only legal with other balls? Thank you for the help. I have attached a few screenshots.
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