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  1. Thank you very much, this fixed it for me. My apologies, I made a mistake, .OT_Name does indeed work without any problem. Anyone else knows why .HT_Name=Test and .HyperTrainFlags=$suggest is not working?
  2. Hey all, I want to batch edit some pokemons but many lines are not doing whats intended. Right now I have the following code: .SID=3907 -> Gives me "0255" -> solved (SID7), thanks @theSLAYER .TID=303290 -> Gives me "631536"-> solved (ID7), thanks @theSLAYER .OT_Gender=1 .OT_Name=Test .Gender=1 .Ball=20 .PKRS_Strain=4 .PKRS_Infected=True .PKRS_Cured=False .CurrentFriendship=255 .DynamaxLevel=10 .Ball=26 .IV_ATK=$25,31 .IV_DEF=$25,31 .IV_HP=$25,31 .IV_SPA=25,31 .IV_SPD=$25,31 .IV_SPE=$25,31 .IV_SPE=$25,31 .CurrentHandler=0 -> Not working .Met_Day=$2,27 .Met_Month=$1,12 .Met_Year=2021-> Not working solved (.MetDate=20210101), thanks @theSLAYER .HT_Name=Test -> Not working .HyperTrainFlags=$suggest -> Not working As you can see, not all lines are working. I cannot find the issue, could someone please help me? Thanks in advance!
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