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  1. Update - I tryed all again from the start but this time I used JKSV in homebrew menu (not the applet version) restored the save file and it worked. I dont know how to express my gratitude to you taking your time with me.
  2. Okay I'll try that. I've done it a few different time. And I've tried different pokemon with different save edits but everytime I've gone and restored a edited save in JKSV which after I restore the save it make another copy in JKSV. it just seems to load a different save. I'm at work atm so when I finish I'll let you know the results. Cheers mate for you patience and help.
  3. When I boot in CFW I can go into JKSV an restore the save file I've edited. But when I then go to boot the game its almost like it's not registering my changes or loading from that save. But if I go back to putting that edited save back into pkhex it shows them in my box etc? Does that make sense
  4. I think I'm ready boosting the game up in CFW because if I go to album/hold r and select a game it takes me to the homebrew menu?
  5. Yeah I ment home brew I'm a noob at all this stuff. How do I boot the game in CFW? Sorry if it's a stupid question. And mate I really do appreciate you spelling things out for me haha cheers
  6. Tbh I dont know. I just followed one of the main guides on the internet. All I know is I use my pc in rcm to boot atmosphere which loads my hacked switch games on my sd card? If my switch does and I start it back up it boots without any of my pirated stuff? I dont know much other then following the basic guide to jail break etc. If you could please help I'd be so greatful
  7. I have edited some pokemon/added pokemon on my exported save from LGPE using pkhex and exported that save and put it into my JKSV file. When I go to boot my game after restoring the file in JKSV it loads my original save and none of the pokemon I've added in are there. But when I put that save I'm trying to run back into pkhex it shows them in my box. Is there something I'm missing. Any help would be so greatful. Trying to help my son. Thanks
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