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  1. Downloaded the latest version, Tested three wc8 files, Confirmed that the line count is same as actual item count. Great! And also confirmed that Leon's Clothing Set gives weird line count(6).
  2. Thanks for clarification. Looking at the screenshot, the line count may have almost no meaning
  3. Hi. Item amount parsing of WC8 -> WR8 convert seems to broken on female save. I couldn't test it on male save. Steps to reproduce: 1. Load any female save. 2. Insert clothing wc8 with 6 items using Wonder Records Tool v1.0.5. 3. See if the 'Line count' is 3, not 6. Attached save file and example wc8. Value (0x0D) of WC8 itself is correct. fashion-line-count.zip
  4. Thanks for the quick fix, @Kaphotics! I downloaded the nightly version and confirmed that the problem was solved for 2 cases. But the remaining 4 cases (1131, 1132, 1134, 1135) were all distributed the same way, so it seems they have the same problem.
  5. KOR USUM distribution of 6 Pikachus (Original, Unova, etc.) are marked as illegal. I'm not sure if this problem is due to PKHeX or mgdb since it's just fine for SM distribution. The only differences between the two wc7full files are game bit which is correct (0011 for SM/1100 for USUM), checksum and held item id. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create empty blank US or UM save 2. Import USUM version of wc7full file from following thread (or pick them from PKHeX mystery gift database) 3. It's marked as illegal with "Mystery Gift cannot be received by this version." message Unova: Original:
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