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  1. Thank you ! Now it works ! Thank you very much !!
  2. Hey sry for the delay. Please find it attached. main
  3. sry i edited.. Still the same see picture below...
  4. After that can i start the game ? Or is there another step ? Edit : Backup restored with checkpoint Edit 2: still the same errormain
  5. i started a new game and save twice , here's my backup. main
  6. Yes but i already deleted it since it was just a new game without a dex etc
  7. Hello Everybody, I tried to not bother you with this process but i finally need help. I'm trying to get the save file from : into my 3ds without success. I tried with checkpoint and jksm following all steps ( creating backup + transfering main file with out extension) I checked and there's only one file ( hidden folder enable) My file name is : main But once i get into Pokemon USun , it's says file corrupted.. I tried also to delete secure value with JKSM before and after adding new save but same error. Does somebody have an idee ? Thank you in advance
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