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  1. I was hoping someone with experience could chime in to tell me what has/hasn't worked, not necessarily things that would be 100% safe like I could be interpreted as saying. I was thinking that would be the case as well, to only edit things that can be changed naturally in the game. Which sucks because the whole reason I'd be doing it would be to change my ID number to not be a bunch of random digits. Guess I'll just have to take the risk.
  2. I'm a little confused about what exactly is safe to edit on my Pokemon Shield save and what isn't safe to edit, with regards to getting a ban, as I'm planning on running CFW on my SysNAND to get the save data, then I'd restore it back. I would take my switch offline while I edit the save. Can I edit my trainer's ID number (at the very start of the game, before I connect to any pokemon home servers)? Can I edit my party pokemon? My box pokemon? Is it all safe assuming I don't do anything silly like illegal moves/pokemon? I haven't actually done it yet though, but are there any tutorials for extracting my save from the sysnand with cfw, then restoring it and not getting a ban, or is that too risky? are there other ways of getting/restoring a save to edit while still keeping online functionality? Is it even possible to edit a save and still connect to pokemon home?
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