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  1. I know there are corner cases, but there's a lot of code and milestones before I have to worry about the special flag for a Deoxys forme or things of that nature. Hoping to add parsing tests and conversion tests based on these and then just build up features until the tests pass. This will also make it easier to write issues for other potential contributors (especially with Hacktoberfest coming up soon).
  2. Hello, I'm working on some tooling to make an operating system agnostic tool for deserializing and converting Pokemon binary formats. I don't have a Windows machine so I can't actually run PKHex which as the current gold standard I'd like to use to generate binaries which will act as test cases. I need a single legal Pokemon of any kind in pk3, pk4, pk5, pk6, pk7, pk8 formats to validate conversions between the formats.
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