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  1. Reinstalling Checkpoint worked and resolved all of my issues, thank you so much!
  2. That's the awkward bit....Checkpoint on the console, doesn't see Y or Alpha appart from in extdata, which is also where I have to restore saves from off the sd card. As you can see, after booting Checkpoint, I have to go to extdata:
  3. I'm on about on my 3DS, save file works fine in Citra, not on 3DS.
  4. The games launch fine in Citra, no error message.
  5. Thank you, understood. Alpha Citra save folder: ....aaannnd the Y folder:
  6. Looking for a little save file help here if possible please. I have Pokemon Y, Alpha Saphire and Sun, dumped them all to my system after succesfully exporting the saves (checked in Citra and PKHeX). Using Checkpoint, I have suceeded importing my save to Pokemon Sun, it boots up into the save as expected, great. I have had issue with Alpha and Y. For starters to even see the apps in Checkpoint I have to browse to extdata to see Y and Saphire. After booting after restoring my save I get: "The data in the SD Card is corrupted. Press the A Button to initialize the data" I press A and my save is wiped and I start afresh. This has happened several times. I later explored my save data directory and found this: "extdata" is where I have to put my "main" save files for Y and Saphire for Checkpoint to recognize it. The save I went to import is like (hidden files should be showing): Which is to be expected. Though the initial new save I made after locally installing looks like this: I have double checked my save file in Citra, it boots fine, what could I be missing? This happens in both Saphire and Y, but Sun works fine (and isn't in extdata)?!!?
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