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  1. Ah, I see. I suppose you are used to coming at it from the perspective of a moderator who is dealing with people who don't know what they're running. And my posts are kind of "stream of consciousness" rather than clear bullet points. Thanks for bearing with me. I guess I showed you my stuff just cause I was worried that maybe it wasn't compatible with the latest version or something. All the modding I did in the past was with those items and with that old version of PKHeX I showed the picture of initially. I've never tried the latest version. I haven't done this in years so I'm kinda nervous. I don't know why. >.> So, thanks again. I really appreciate it.
  2. Sorry, I thought you knew I had the latest version since I mentioned it in the initial post of this topic. Anyway, followed your instructions and everything is appearing properly. Thanks for the help.
  3. Here's some pictures of my hardware, just to give you an idea. I have the latest version downloaded. I have the latest and that older one that I already showed pictures of.
  4. I can use the latest version. Explanation would be much appreciated.
  5. Is there a way to control the default save version so it says gen 4 instead of gen 7? I think it's defaulting to gen 7 because, as you noticed, this is an older version of PKHeX that only goes through Gen 7, so it assumes you want the most current game it has available. Sorry if this is annoying. I didn't have to do this in the past. Loading a whole save and everything, I could just make a pokemon in PKHeX and then plug the game cartridge into my adapter thing that plugs into the computer (to get the pokemon on there presumably) and then you'd plug the adapter into the DSi and hit a few buttons and it would make the pokemon appear in the game.
  6. Ok, I see where the misunderstanding is. I'm not playing Moon version or transferring/putting pokemon into Moon. I am capturing/viewing them in SoulSilver only. And I have SoulSilver selected as the game version, so I thought the location list would show the locations available in SoulSilver.
  7. Ok, I'm kinda behind the times here, so pardon my ignorance, but huh? What even is Pokemon Transporter? I'm just talking about placing a pokemon directly into the box (Bill's PC) no trading or anything. I use PKHeX to pretend I caught ideal pokemon. I catch a Pokemon in the game, then use PKHeX to make one with the same met location, ball I used, date, etc. So, if I catch a Misdreavus in Cliff Cave, I don't see how it would end up with Pokemon Transporter as it's met location. It would just have Cliff Cave, where it was caught. Does this make sense, or am I just being more confusing? In a nutshell, I don't use PKHeX to give myself god tier hacked creatures. I play through the game legitimately, and when I catch a favorite pokemon of mine I make an "ideal" replacement and replace the one I caught legitimately with the ideal one. Then I train it up as usual.
  8. Hi there, I'm a PKHeX user from many years ago. I have both my really old version (only goes through Sun/Moon) and the newest release. Now, I have pokemon I made like a decade ago that have "Cliff Cave" and "Dragon's Den" as their "Met" location, This is in SoulSilver btw. I loaded up PKHeX today and looked but neither of those locations appear on the list of possible met locations. There appears to be a lot of routes missing too, just on cursory inspection. Am I doing something wrong? Why are these missing? Thanks.
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