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  1. What is vmware? Is it an app that I download to use like Wine?
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    pkhex for mac

    Hi. New to the community, and I wanted to ask for help on using pkhex (mac version) So i downloaded a pkhex mac file on , and when I tried to open it, it doesn't respond, like at all. No bouncing, no error messages, whatsoever. So I followed their linked guide , chose the winebottler option as I already had that installed. Did exactly what that option required (pictures, etc). I've also tried the other listed winetricks from that option but none seem to work. Instead it gives me the "Prefix creation aborted" message and an install log to help with problems. But I have pretty much 0 tech knowledge, so can't read that. At this moment I'm really not sure what's the problem - maybe I've missed a step, or my device is the problem. It's pretty old by now, about 5 years, so maybe it's outdated or something? My version is mac OS Catalina, 10.15.7 I'd much appreciate any help with my issue
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