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  1. How can I do these things?, After editing pokemon and big battles I want to do these things to make my game “unique”, not just a boring xy rom hack, I always feel that gift pokemon should have more affection honestly please tell me if you know how to do this
  2. When you talk about tierno there you mean Trevor, right?, alakazam medicham and Mawile are already used (Olympia, Aliana, Valerie), also, how can i turn a forme change into a mega evolution? Thanks so much, I’m planning to turn eternal floette on a mega for trevor
  3. Im doing a hack rom for xy and I need a mega for Trevor and Tierno and if you can find one with these requirements (not necessary just need to fit them) trevor : smart and with a big head if possible (that’s it) tierno: learn at least one dance move (besides dragon dance)
  4. I didnt got screen shots, I don’t want to corrupt my save xy file, everything I done is test if the rom is working
  5. What’s that tool that turns a modified rom in a mod? I’ll need it to send the rom here (on the forum), I got a project from 2 weeks ish ago that goes until anistar
  6. Do you mean with no level cap edits? just different teams? or with my terrible level cap?
  7. I don’t know how to change profile picture so I logged in with the another google account with the profile picture I want, also i just started it again because I found the first one very unbalanced and then deleted it, I just want to do a simple team edit hack rom and have no idea of doing a balanced level cap, I added like 9 levels from coumarine to lumiose and they are super close, that’s why I’m asking for, sorry if that’s against the rules I didn’t know
  8. If you can, please send level caps for main battles (gym leaders, elite 4 and team flare) that you think are fine for a balanced/hard difficulty hack rom for xy, and yes, I plan to add exp share, I’m asking for it because i don’t know nothing about level caps, and I’d need some. sorry if that’s too much, I just need them to make the project im planning to do, I just don’t want my project to be unbalanced ill give you credits when the project is finished, thanks.
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