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  1. @theSLAYER This is sad news........ I hoped I can still save them, my amazing team....... I wasn't far into the game yet, before beating the first gym, but still, my pokemon meant a lot to me........ But it's fine, I will clone them back, I have the pictures I need for that....... Thank you for trying to help.
  2. @theSLAYER Thank you. I attached my .sav file to this post. Pokemon_Blue.sav
  3. Hi. I have a big problem with my Pokemon Blue save game and I'm desperate, I hope someone can help me here. I was playing Pokemon Blue when the battery of my Gameboy (not the cartridge battery) was getting low. I wanted to replace the batteries, so I stopped playing and saved my game. But just in that moment when I saved, the batteries went out completely............ and my save game was corrupted. When I turned my Gameboy back on after replacing the batteries, there was no "Continue" option.......... I put the .sav file onto my computer and tried opening it in Rhydon Save Editor and it told me the save game is corrupted. I also tried PKHeX and PikaSav. PikaSav gave me the option to force-save the file as a pokemon save and I could open it that way, but it only showed me things that didn't make any sense, my trainer name and my rival's name were just a row of 9s, the money was zero and it said I have played for 65,000 hours........... I attached some screenshots from Rhydon Save Editor and PikaSav. I also found a guide by someone who managed to completely fix their corrupted Pokemon Silver save game, but the guide does not say which save editor was used........... Please, can anyone help me? Is there a way to repair my save file? My pokemon have grown on me already and I was very happy with the team I had........... I could recreate the save game with Rhydon Save Editor, but it wouldn't be the same and my pokemon would feel like they're just copies if I recreate them like that............ Please, does anyone know a fix that repairs my save game?
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