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  1. How would I change that encounter? Here's the Scyther I was having issues trying to get him the Ability Technician. 123 - Scyther - D525A93EE798.pk8
  2. So, creating the pokemon from scratch using PKHeX. Why is it when I try to use a different ability other then the hidden ability it says "Hidden Ability missmatch for Encounter type." Is there a way to change the encounter type so for example I can have a Magmar with flame body
  3. Thanks! I had to change the friendship from the memory of the OT to 35.
  4. Like I said before that base doesn't work either. As that base is 35. I have created a small amount of pokemon from scratch. and this is the first time I encountered this issue. And Im not exactly sure how to fix this issue for Sneasel
  5. I fixed the moves however it's not even from or even being sent to pokemon GO. I simply used the application PKHeX to create the pokemon. I used it's from Gold and Battle as Shield. However the friendship base is 35 for Sneasel. I even tried setting it to 70 as in gold it's base was 70. and I still got the same issue.
  6. I don't know if I am doing anything wrong here however for some reason it says these moves for Sneasel are invalid when Sneasel can infact learn these moves. It says the base happiness is also incorrect?
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