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  1. Thank you! Edit: It doesn't seem to work. Here are the 2 things I tried:main2main3 Maybe the version of Ultra Sun I got doesn't work with PKHeX.
  2. ok thanks for the info, but then how do I get it to be traded? Do I change the OT or is it impossible? Edit: the reason I put corrupted was because I don't know what to call the file, and whenever I try to load it the game says it is corrupted.
  3. I've been trying to change my Kadabra to an Alakazam, which is usually done by trade. Whenever I export the main file into the folder and I load the game, it says the file is corrupted. Am I supposed to change the ID of the trainer to make it realistic or something? (I'm not gonna multipost anymore :D)main Do I have the change the OT/Misc?
  4. im trying to edit on ultra sun, I got pkhex like a week ago so im pretty sure its the newest version
  5. I have been trying to load my 'main' file onto PKHeX, it used to work before. I've loaded the save file and it works fine, but PKHeX says the file type/size is unsupported. Any help? main
  6. sorry if im being a bit annoying but the right click doesnt show anything?
  7. I've looked around the site for fixes for my PKHeX but none of them work. It says my input file is too large, if you need screenshots just ask me, but I don't know how to post them
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