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  1. Another update, the prototype design is about complete. I'm having a hard time deciding on a form factor that i like for the "real" device.
  2. Sorry for the double post, might be babbling to myself here but anyway here goes. Pic isn't much, but I've mapped out the protocol enough to consistently perform trades with BGB. i don't have a second functioning device yet to try out a internet trade, but i'm almost positive it would work. There's a lot of cleanup to do before it goes live, but it's really close. I'm writing up an extensive document on how the link protocol works for anyone who is interested in this in the future. edit: spent a bit of time on it after work today. after a few tweaks, i j
  3. this is actually how I've been testing. ive managed to trade with BGB emulator. the BGB link protocol is a little funky but i managed to cobble it together. ive got the protocol pretty much completely figured out at this point. ive got the device i designed acting as a "master" clock source which is the important part since it allows for exact control of when a byte goes in or out. currently, the pokemon link protocol state machine is implemented in the device firmware itself but im still playing around with a few different implementations and might not stick with it. works great fo
  4. Hey all, i've been working with a few friends on a device and some software to trade and battle Generation 1 with real devices, over the internet. I know this isn't exactly an original or new idea, and i'm aware of a handful of other projects that have managed it with some success. However, the existing implementations fall short in quite a few places in my opinion and it's always been an interesting topic to me, so i figured i'd give it a shot myself. So far, i've managed to proof of concept some spoof trades on real hardware with the device i built, but i'm currently using the real game
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