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  1. Thanks so much for the answer. The Nintendo Switch Online Subscription is not an issue, I was planning to get it eventually anyways. About the Discord thing, do you mean joining a server that has this service?
  2. Thought this might be the most appropriate thread to post this in. I have a N3DS XL with which i can use Checkpoint. I want to transfer some Pokemon to Gen 8 from that, but I don't have a Pokemon Bank pass and I cannot renew it because you cannot use credit cards anymore on the 3DS E-shop, and also my Ultra Sun is a digital copy, so I cannot use it on another 3DS (as far as I know, not that it changes much though). I thought maybe I can edit the Pokemon Bank save file itself, but as expected, PKHeX does not support the turtle file that came out of Checkpoint. All in all, I need some way to be able to put Pokemon in Pokemon Bank without buying the pass and then transferring my Pokemon to Home, all without hacking my Switch.
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