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  1. Version 2.1 Beta


    Original Dev: @link12552 Description: Sprite editor for Gen III GBA games. This appears to be the currently final version of NSE, but the Codeplex archive the program is stored on is set to shut down in July of 2021.
  2. So, you know how I mentioned in my initial post how it's very likely I didn't search very hard for the answer I was looking for? Well, turns out that question mark next to the sprite buttons does something. Whoops. I'll update my post to act as a guide for others who are interested in ECB editing.
  3. It's worth a shot, but the problem is that that tutorial is for 64x64 sprites, while the ECB editor only supports 48x48 sprites.
  4. That is indeed the case. That said, how would I go about... parsing that source code in the first place? I'm kinda lost on what to do.
  5. Ah, my apologies for being so vague. The part of the program I'm referring to is at the bottom of this post. As you can see, the "Export Sprite" button is in blue. I believe the creator of the program, Suloku, is still on this fourm. Perhaps they can chime in?
  6. So, I've been screwing around with the Gen III Mystery Gift Tool that can be found here: Or, more specifically, the e-Reader Berry editor section of the program. The program lets you extract Berry images from an existing Berry file, but I've been trying to figure out just what kind of file format the Berry pictures use. The program doesn't give me any file extensions to work with, and I haven't seen any documentation about it online, which says a lot about either my searching skills or how much of a crap people online care about the e-Reader Berries. (Edit: According to the magical
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