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  1. Thank you very much! I don't seem to have KNormalEncountRigel2. Guess I will skip that one then.
  2. Would I need to change the wild area event for this item? I have added the wild area event of march to the save block so I am familiar with it. I didn't encounter the march specific gigantamax mons though, so I am not sure if it worked. Btw thank you for taking the time to answer my stupid noob questions.
  3. Yeah too bad that switch doesn't have wondercards anymore like the 3ds for instance. I know how to put mons in my box, but I do not know what you mean with this. I can put the item in my save game, but what should I do with wild area news? This requires me to go online right? I would rather not connect online with my hacked switch.
  4. I saw in the event galary the file for a crystal to encounter specific gigantamax mons. The file is '0510 SWSH - Item ★Sgr6913 (Gigantamax Flapple - Appletun Dynamax Crystal).wc8' How can I load this in pkhex?
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