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  1. I was looking for some mods on pokemon sword and shield and some got my attention, some would change pokemon models even for npc models. I wanted to know how to do that on Pk UsUm and XY, what documents to change to trade the animations. Im new with Blender and this kind of thing, but was doing some animations and wanted to know how to change models and textures on a extracted rom.
  2. Yea i tried, it seems that the pokemon that goes mega cant use any z move after, maybe its on purpose because of Rayquaza, after the pokemon mega evolves the buttom for Z move dont show up. But taking the chance, does anyone know where to find custom pokemon / clothing textures? I'm starting to touch the textures but it's not really my area
  3. You mean that with out a cheat, a pokémon can only do one at the time: mega evolve or Z move?! So if even if i make the game read a mega stone as a unique z move crystal, the pokemon cant use his z move because already used the stone for mega evolving?
  4. Im talking about Ultra sun/Moon, the game have both
  5. I wanted to know if there is anyway for me to change how a single pokemon read a item using PK3ds. My idea was to transform a mega stone into the Z move item for that mega. For exemple: A Lopanny with Loppanite mega evolves and then Mega Loppany can use her mega stone for a Z move.
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