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  1. When I ride the ferris wheel and when I use xtransceiver the script and text are displayed in different places This is the same when using other Lua scripts, so I want to find the script using the location of the text. Sorry for using the translator
  2. I'm sorry, I forgot to explain it as the Korean version. Initially, the narc of the file was used, but it is not available because it is related to the story text. From the results we've done so far, the first dropped item picking up and the first call can be found in /a/0/5/6 in-game scripts 148 But I can't find narc involved in the call afterwards -merged-- Finally, the replacement was successful, but the conversation on xtransceiver could not be replaced I checked all the scripts and found that /a/0/5/6 in-game scripts did not affect the conversation in xtransceiver Which narc files is xtransceiver related to?
  3. I know. That’s why I’m trying to make it myself.
  4. I've already tried it, but it doesn't work well in the Korean version. Also, in the case of the Korean version, since the exact location of the dialogue is not known, a method similar to the following is not possible. The way I think is, change the code in the script, that makes Yancy comes out.
  5. I want yancy to come out when playing as a female trainer However, it was my first time to renovate today and at the end of the night I make it change Dropped Item and the first call. But, after that, I don't know what to fix. I need help And sorry for the lack of English skills
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