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  1. well damn, I'll just play until I'm allowed to train level 50 Pokemon before I access it
  2. thats good and all, but all the mystery gifts are level 50, I want mine to be level 10 because then I will actually be able to use it since Im early on in the game and dont have any badges yet
  3. once again, apologies, I am an absolute idiot, this is my first time ever using pkhex so expect dumb questions and dumb actions I managed to load the save and switch it to Diancie, if it has these invalid errors, will I still be able to bring it in-game or will I need to fix it I would copy it to an event, but I want it to be level 10-15
  4. I don't know how to do it with the emulator, I tried to load the .3ds file and this popped up
  5. I am trying to play Pokemon Y on a Citra Emulator with some mythicals, but there is one HUGE issue. I am a freaking idiot I am trying to add 719 Diancie into the game, heres what I have so far how do I fix the alert?
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