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  1. Damn I didn't know the stat and sheen were different factors! Thank you!
  2. Hi! I understand Gen5 did not have any contest, so it t is illegal to have contest stats on them if they were transferred straight to XY and USUM. But, I thought they could have contest stats if they have transferred to ORAS and could max out all stats accordingly. The latest Pkhex was marking all gen 5 mons with stats as illegal, so I wanted to know if this is a possible bug or am I missing something? I have attached Pkm files from Gen7 Save File. Thank you! 428 ★ - Lopunny - B7E99D3F9D3F.pk7 612 ★ - Haxorus - 15D438C738C7.pk7
  3. Hi I was just editing some mons from the past generation (transferred from the pokemon bank to home) and I realized these pokemons using ability patches were alerted as illegal mons. Following mons in the screenshot with the illegal marks has H ability by using ability patch in the game. The Marowak had "rock head" when it first transferred and it was legal at the time and it became illegal and illegal marks work applied every mon from the bank. I am using the latest build of pkhex. I have attached the PK8 file and pk7 file for the Marowak. Thank you for you all e
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