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  1. Can you prove that claim? Here you have FireRed and Emerald, with the emulator that I use included. <removed, please read and adhere to our rules> You can use either the Cheat Engine, or the cheat finder itself built into the emulator itself, but not Action Replay / Game Shark / Codebreaker codes. Don't use other roms, hackroms, or unprotected roms (XOR removed). Just find the variables of money, potions and that's it, I don't need more. I can prove that I have found those and many more variables in Pokemon Ruby. Found the offset and static pointer so my Cheat Engine table is workable on any run. If you show me, I'll gladly make a donation for you. And no, I refuse to play offline games where the developers resort to obfuscation / encryption techniques so that no cheats can be found in them. By principles. The same to use Action Replay codes, I am tired of searching and the thousands of lines of codes do not work correctly in my version or even in the American rom. I've had enough of that. if it's encrypted, I don't want to know anything about these games.
  2. Thanks for replying Slayer. DMA means "dynamic memory allocation", this is the use of pointers in order to change the directions of the variables each time you run the game. I didn't mean that. Some really basic variables aren't be able to find. For real. And that's for a reason. at least my version of the rom. Maybe the USA version is not encrypted and mine is, which could be. My rom of Fire Red: Pokemon - Edicion Rojo Fuego (Spain).gba CRC32: [9F08064E] (Official No-intro release) I have searched and what I have found has nothing to do with what I want to do in Cheat Engine. I have read about XOR encryption, the checksums (to edit the saves), and finally DMA, but I repeat that the DMA would not prevent me from finding a variable in a game execution, it would only change its address in subsequent executions, having to repeat the process over and over again, but it doesn't make your search difficult. XOR encryption (or others), if that makes it difficult for you.
  3. Hello, Does Fire Red and Leaf Green's roms have some sort of encryption to avoid finding their variables? In programs like Cheat Engine, while playing in the emulator. I mean, I hacked a tons of games playing in several emulators, and never had a problem to find really basic variables, for example, in Pokemon Ruby, but why in Fire Red is different? I don't want to waste time with encryptions, or edit the save files, or use action replay or game breaker codes from the American or European (english) version that will not work in my Spanish version. I only ask to be able to edit the variables with Cheat engine, nothing more. So if anyone knows anything, I would appreciate if you could tell me. Thanks in advance. Regards.
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