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  1. I can get my save into pokehex and edit it but then i cant get it back into the game. WHen i export it no matter if i make it sav or sgm the emulator wont load it or even reckongnize the .sav. i use VBA as my emulator 1986 - Pokemon Emerald (U)(TrashMan).sgm
  2. I cant get pkhex to work and all i need is a mewtwo, torchic, deoxys (base), misdreveaus, heracross, and bellsprout. Id like this to be at the first pokemon center with the pokemon all level 5 in the pc. Also all 4 of every pokemons moves need to be sketch as thats the point of a sketchlocke. Thank You! If you want a save to startwith here: HelpMe.sgm
  3. I did this and at least now the emulator recognizes it as a save, but it still cant load it
  4. I use Visual boy advance and im trying to get a save ready for my SketchLocke on Emerald. Ive done all the file editing, but i cant save my edited file into the right file type, the game wont load either of the options. I need a .SAV file and i can only make .SAV3 files which it cant load. What am i doing wrong?
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