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  1. Those are literally my last places i would dare go EBay is the worst place to go in my opinion,because i would most likely get sniped Craigslist is not the best place, especially since i would be charging $100 for a game in terrible condition I cant access facebook at the age i am rn, i also do not own a phone Action Replay cards are way too expensive, like, $90 to $110 expensive id rather buy one not from online sellers like Amazon or Auction Houses, but rather get one from a blog or forum at the moment.
  2. Methods of Contacts: Roblox:ipennywise08 ACNH Dodo Codes:J0hn_T4nn3r Email:931746@ccpsweb.org Leave a comment on this topic if you have something to contribute. Link to Dodo Codes Account:https://dodocodes.com/user/J0hn_T4nn3r
  3. Hello to whom ever is reading this. My Name is P0k3m0nL0v3r. At the time i was making this, i had just created this account. I am looking for help securing a Copy of Pokemon Black or White, and a Action Replay Card. I have already acquired 1 of 3 requirements to activate a lost event that i plan to make possible, and become another person who has done the event. the requirements are a copy of either Pokemon Soulsilver or Heartgold, a copy of Pokemon Black or White, and an Action Replay Card. I already have SoulSilver, and i have a Super Mario White 3DS XL Edition,
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