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  1. Found it out nvm. Seems like when a pokemon is given a full moveset, this happens, so at least one moveslot should be left empty.
  2. Hi, I've recently been using PPRE to change up a heartgold rom. I've been making a lot of changes, including to some pokemon. Weirdly enough skiploom and jumpluff learn moves I did not put in the movesets at all. I noticed this first when during one test, a trainer in kanto had skiploom and jumpluff that knew dragon rage. Now I'm using hoppip in another test and when it evolved at level 18, skiploom wanted to learn stone edge 3 times and captivate once. None of these moves are in its moveset and I don't get why this happened. Skiploom doesn't even learn moves at level 18. Can anyone explain why this might happen?
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