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  1. It certainly took a while like you said, but i did it! Unfortunately my original Heartgold save was overwritten a few years back so anything left of it would be on my DSi. POKEMON_D.sav
  2. I know little to nothing about DS modification so your help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I've made this post on serebii.net but they don't take kindly to hacking there so I'm making a post here. (Skip to the bottom if you don't want to read the story)The story is as follows.My first Pokemon game was Heart Gold, I chose Totodile as my starter and he remained my frontman for the entire game. I caught Ho-Oh with him, captured Lugia, even beat red with him by my side. My brother then handed down his copy of Diamond to me and as soon as I was able I made my Feraligator lead the team once more. I completed the diamond dex by wiping the elite four over and over again using just Fera
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