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  1. This begs one last question. Does this mean generating PK8 files with the language set to JPN does not make the Pokemon a Pokemon from that region since the language label has nothing to do with region and instead just the language set? Example being: A PK8 Ditto with the JPN language enabled. If this does not count it as a Japan region Ditto that makes it viable for the masuda method, how would I go about that if PK8 doesn't seem to have a regional option the same way PK7 (Ultra Moon/Sun) does with 3DS?
  2. What is the likelihood that GameFreak or whoever is in charge of the inner workings of Pokemon eventually creates or updates their current database to find these seemingly illegal Pokemon? Would it even be a possibility to go ahead and put something in place to flag every shiny Genesect with that particilar event PID/(Any other defining data on said Pokemon) that does not match the language/region/data it originally came from? Is this a silly question? I'm looking at things in a perspective of future proofing what you generate. I ask this because I'm wondering when or if they'll take Pokemon generating more seriously so that their GTS isn't a cesspool of hacks which I think is highlighted by the introduction of Pokemon Home.
  3. Thanks again, SLAYER. I appreciate your help. At this point, I think I can count on you to answer questions that bother me for hours. So, I think it's safe to say definitively, The shiny Genesect SHOULD be in Japanese, but there are no specific checks on the language, so while it's clear to US that there is something wrong with it (Because English), there isn't actually anything wrong with it because it's data that was never there to be tracked to begin with. So, Japanese Genesect just looks more legitimate to those who know of it. English ones are obviously edited in some form or fashion, but still legal.
  4. I'm not sure where else I should have posted this thread, so please move it if necessary. From what I understand, creating a Pokémon from a different region apart from your own will generally have the name and OT in a different language (Example: Shiny Genesect from Japan/Taiwan event), is there any reason why when loading this particular file from the database it does not get flagged when the region/language is changed? I'd imagine having an English region shiny Genesect or an English named shiny Genesect would be a red flag to a hacked Pokémon. On top of that, I have transferred a Japan regional Ditto to my Pokémon Sword and Shield game and then into my Pokémon Home. The Japan region label and Japanese name of the Pokémon remained intact despite my Pokémon Home region and language being set to US/English. I bring this up because I have seen someone claim that their shiny Genesect from a different region acquired an English name when transferred into their Pokémon Home due to their regional settings (US/English). This did not happen to me and I have never heard of this happening before, could someone shed some light on whether this is true or not? EDIT: It's to my understanding that event Pokémon cannot have their names changed as you would a normal Pokémon. So, even doing the SW/SH trick where you create an alternate Switch profile in another language to change the nickname of a regional Pokémon does not work, or rather should not work. TL;DR: Why is an English named cherish ball shiny Genesect not flagged as illegal in PKHeX? Does Pokémon Home actually change regional names according to your regional/language settings? If so, how?
  5. Update: I want to update this thread with a solution. It turns out that each time I tried changing the blank save to a different game, I was pressing reset all. If you're having the same problem, just be a big brain and don't press that. Instead, select the game you want and simply exit the window.
  6. Hello, I tried googling and looking around the forum for the solution to an issue I'm having with no luck other than this post, though I'm not sure it answers my question specifically. I am trying to open/create/edit/save legal PK1-7 files so that I can upload these files to a generation 7 Pokemon game in order to transfer them to Pokemon Bank and then Pokemon Home but am unable to change PKHeX's default PK8 files to anything else. Upon trying to open a file from an older generation, I either get an error, or the file loads, but the Pokemon is flagged as "incorrectly transferred from a previous generation." I have also tried changing the blank save file from Sword to Ultra Moon multiple times with both the current PKHeX build and the latest unstable build and it doesn't change. I read a forum post here that briefly mentioned a possible fix being using the batch editor or putting the Extra Bytes section to 0, but those two things also don't seem to be a solution. Any help is appreciated.
  7. No, it does not have a HOME tracker and did not have a HOME tracker. I simply asked about whether it would show up in Home as ASH, rather than Ash because of what you mentioned about the unlikeliness of someone using lower cap letters on a TID in generation 1 and/or 2. So, that was merely my curiosity on what data is changed when transferred.
  8. So, I'm a bit confused. Is the Mr. Mime legitimate or a glitch or hack that bypassed Pokemon Bank and Home checks? I ask this because you mentioned generation 1 and 2 original trainer names are all in capital letters. This Mr. Mime OT is not in all caps. Does a generation 1 or 2 Pokemon when transferred into Pokemon Home have the OT in all capital letters, or not? Did someone edit their OT? I'm certain I've seen OT's in R/B/Y with lowercase letters. Did I misunderstand your post?
  9. If that's the case, that is very strange. A lot of hoops to jump through for a Mr. Mime you can just trade for. I appreciate the information.
  10. Looking through my PKMN database in PKHeX, I came across what seems to be a legal Mr. Mime file from Pokemon Red version. I tried searching google for the origin of this file and have found nothing. The original trainer is ASH and the Trainer ID is 31121. I am only familiar with Mr. Mime trades in R/B/Y from an NPC with the OT name TRAINER and a nicknamed Mr. Mime called MILES or MARCEL. Attached to this post is the legal Mr. Mime file mentioned. Mime Test.pk8
  11. Yeah, I didn't know Future Sight was an egg move and I also didn't know the PID's I was being given were for eggs all while I had the Met encounter set up for wild. I didn't get any flags, so I was just confused. Now I know if I have this issue again in the future, I should look closely at the moveset. You've helped a lot. Thanks for taking the time to set up the screenshots.
  12. I stopped reading your post at "why does your Slowbro have a Gen 3 egg move (future sight)?", jumped out of bed to see if that was the solution and it turns out it may very well have been. I removed that move and was able to select random PID/IV combinations (any at all) and it has now become legal. I appreciate that. I'll now look at the rest of your post. Thanks for taking the time to help me with that, I seriously appreciate it.
  13. Well, I've spent nearly 5 or so hours trying to figure this out. So, I'd like to know how to do it myself so that I can solve this issue if I ever need to in the future instead of bothering people who have probably solved this issue for years on here. If you did decide to create the file yourself, I'd rather see a video of you doing it rather than just getting the final product.
  14. I assume the TID/SID is the issue? I have a method where I keep a set TID/SID per Pokemon version and have not had any issues with that up until now.
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