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  1. Not particularly, I assume you can’t just make a pokemon and spawn it in or whatever. Probably got to do with OT, first met and stuff like that? Sorry, very new at this stuff
  2. So you can’t use PKSM to make legal pokemon? Does it need to be through PKHEX and then put on the save directly?
  3. I Turned on my 2DS, put in Moon, opened the PKSM app on my main menu, selected moon. Then I went into the pc box from the app, clicked an empty space, selected Zekrom and set it’s level
  4. I used PKSM on my hacked 2DS, got it on Moon and then transferred from bank to home, then to sword. I’m new to this so I’m not sure if I need to change stats, moves or anything for the pokemon being hacked in.
  5. I’m not sure sorry, I’m just using whatever’s on the program, whatever’s on the DS homebrew thing
  6. I don’t have a picture at the moment but I can tell you what I’ve done. I just went through and picked what pokemon I want and then set a level. I’m guessing there’s a bit more to it than that.
  7. Should have been more clear but I’ve got a picture this time, it wasn’t a question mark like I thought. For example this Zekrom is fine in every way but it appears as this pokeball symbol in the pc
  8. Yeah sorry I meant me ahaha, any ideas of what I might have done wrong?
  9. Hey guys, recently I tried my hand at hacking an old 2DS to get some pokemon I had either lost or missed and then to transfer them to home and then Sword/Shield. They seemed fine in Pokemon Home but when I got them into Sword they appeared as Question Marks in my PC. I was wondering if I had someone stuffed it up or something? Thanks!
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