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  1. I am looking to dump a pokemon stadium 1 save from my physical cartridge and put the registered team data into pkhex to get back some old pokemon I no longer have in my RBY games. I know the game uses flash ram to save and the reader needs to have the capability to dump that particular save type. Can someone recommend a reader that will dump pokemon stadium’s flash ram save file type? I am having a hard time finding one that can do it. If dumping this save type isn’t very feasible, is there a way to just view all of a pokemon’s stats on the n64 game itself (Like dv, stat values) with
  2. I figured it was a long shot haha. Thanks so much for taking a look I appreciate it!
  3. Hello, I could use some help in trying to figure out if this save file that was dumped which got corrupted has anything that can be salvaged. I was dumping some save files from real carts to preserve them and when I attempted to dump a save from my yellow cartridge I ended up getting these 2 corrupted files over 2 attempts and found the save was deleted on the cart. Not sure how this happened as the other save dumps went smoothly. The cart also was working 5 minutes earlier with the save in tact. I am unable to open these files in pkhex due to the corruption. I honestly don't know if thes
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