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  1. Hey I just have a quick question: Is it worth hacking my switch just to be able to use PKHeX on my Pokemon Shield Save? Or is the risk to high, what's your opinion? ^^
  2. Yeah its fine, it was hella laggy before so this is more than fine I would have to search mine for hours as well (cries)
  3. Yeah i tried everything but it doesnt seem to work with that Emulator, i dont know, but I have kinda found a way to get it to work on VBA, just putting the Speed on 250% so it seems like its fluid and now its working, and the save file is working without a problem in PKHeX as well :D I dont have a Flashcard unfortunately Yes it is an Emulator, but its not my cup of tea But thank you a lot for the quick responses and the help, much appreciated
  4. I am sarcastic dont worry I could technically figure that out myself but sometimes my brain just likes to post stuff and not think about it myself I just saved ingame like usual but i think that that might only be a file i accidently copied from my try on getting it to work on VBA Its probably the game somehow since my VBA has always been working fine and my CPU is definitely strong enough Maybe you got a suggestion for how to get the proper save file from BizHawk?
  5. Of course, look at all those lines Haha but do you know any way to fix that maybe? or MAYBE you know how to get Emerald Kaizo to work on VBA without lagging
  6. Hey, I wanted to start playing Emerald Kaizo, and to make things just a little bit easier i wanted to edit something with PKHeX, But it doesnt wanna open the save file Any help on that? I saved ingame, not just save state and i get this from PKHeX when trying to open it emerald-kaizo-2020-03-14.sav
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