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  1. Not glitching deliberately at all. Honestly have no clue how it happened. I don't think it happened due to closing the app while saving, wouldn't it have been unrecoverable then? Not sure
  2. @Shady Guy Jose It worked! Loads in Pokemon "Green" (Blue) just fine. Thanks a lot, looks like the fix was pretty simple not sure how it got corrupted in the first place though
  3. I was playing Pokemon Green English (a romhacked Pokemon Blue to match the original Pokemon Green) Played it on Retroarch Android Worked fine made it to Cerulean City A few days later tried to play again and it said the save file was destroyed I loaded my file into PKHex and it showed all my pokemon just fine Not sure why it's saying it's corrupt? Help appreciated it would be a pain in the ass to start over (and maybe have it corrupted again) Pokemon - Green Version (USA) (SGB Enhanced).srm
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