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  1. You're a real lifesaver, man! Thank you for the concise yet detailed answers. I guess I'm just unlucky with shiny hunting haha. Thank you so much again!
  2. So as the title implies, I need help. So I saw from the RNG forum of Gen 5 in Smogon that the PID (Shininess etc...) of a pokémon no longer generates within the same source as the TID and SID like it does in Gen 4 therefore PIDs are generated differently now and TID/SID abusing can be disregarded in the Gen 5 games. (But I do know that shiny PIDs are still tied to the TID and SID) Now, what I do wanna ask are the following: 1. Can I edit my TID and SID to random/specific numbers freely without worrying about my shiny odds? 2. I just edited my TID to 62002 and SID to 6220
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