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  1. Wow, I really cannot thank you enough! I really appreciate your help! And yeah, I really don't remember why I switched to a more broken CIA so I'll be fixing that next. Just out of curiosity, how did you go about fixing the problem? And seeing as the Hall of Fame data is corrupted, is it safe to do another run of the E4?
  2. Sure thing. These are the saves I have at my disposal right now. The latest 2 are the 64KB I extracted and the 128KB that came from the 64KB one, just with padded 00s. The other 128KB one is the other save I got from PKSM before changing CIAs but it's nearly 35 hours behind the latest Edit: I actually found another save that's 20 hours in, 64KB, from my latest CIA, and works fine. Still, though, it's 17 hours behind, which I really don't have the patience to make up 64KB_Dump.sav 128KB_4Hr.sav 128KB_Padded.sav 64KB_20Hr.sav
  3. So I just beat the elite four in Pokemon Emerald on my 3DS from a CIA I built/injected myself. After the credits rolled I got the error "The save file has been erased due to corruption or damage." So, I dumped the save started troubleshooting. PKHeX gave me an error implying the save was corrupted. So I did some research and found that one of the biggest problems I had was the save was 64Kb which I guess causes problems later. I read somewhere that I could pad the save file with 00's in HxD and that should fix it. While this does let me see my Pokemon in PKHeX, that is the full extent o
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