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  1. Hello all, Wondering if I can reset the Articuno and Zapdos sprite encounters in Pokemon Yellow, tried using PKHex and it appears unsuccessful. I found a gameshark code to respawn Snorlax but only got the one west of Celadon city to respawn. I've read the posts in this thread: and also one of its links with a gameshark code list, tried a few combinations for Articuno such as beginning the code with 91 and editing D2D5 to D3D5 and back no success, Zapdos no success on those codes either. Has anyone been able to reset the .sav events? Attached is the attempt I made that need
  2. Helllo all, Recently found this page by a shiny pokemon hunter on youtube called ShinyMoltres78, never knew stuff like this was possible. Always played the games without cheats. I still remember seeing the legendary birds in the movie Pokemon 2000 - The Power of One. Anyhow I forgot about Articuno and Zapdos able to be shiny in Generation 1 Pokemon Yellow, then transferring over to Generation 2 Gold/Silver/Crystal. What I am trying to do is reset the Articuno and Zapdos encounters to be seen as sprites again and hopefully shiny hunt them. Will create another post and add th
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