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  1. yup alright, it just seems very strange that it would die at that time, when i was exporting a save file to the SD card, it just seems like a strange coincidence that it happened to die right then
  2. Hi, I have been using Pkhex for years and have had no problems until yesterday. I was genning a mon for my friend in XY/ORAS and I sent him the mon and I forgot to nickname it so I was going to make him a new one. After I imported my save back on my DS and traded him the mon, I was going to go back to my PC and just remake it really quickly. I didn't save my game or re-export my save file with checkpoint, I just took my SD card out of my DS and put it back in my PC. keep in mind I still have PKhex up and running on my PC with the my save from earlier still loaded. I edited the mon to my liking and then exported it to the SD card with no problems. I insert my SD card back into my ds and it says "no SD card detected." I insert it back into my computer and it turns out my entire SD corrupted somehow. Would this somehow be due to me messing something up in Pkhex? I lost all of my CFW stuff, homebrew, games etc. I am not really sure what happened or why it would've corrupted then but it really sucks. Also, I formatted the SD card on my PC and when I put it in my DS it doesn't even detect it anymore despite it being completely wiped clean. Not sure what happened. Let me know what you think and if this was preventable in any way. Neo
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