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  1. Oh ok. I figured the message would make it not work. Thanks for telling me! And no I don't care about legality. I think the pokemon would be considered hacked anyways.
  2. Hello! So I'm a complete noob to PKHeX and I can't seem to figure out how to add a non-event pokemon to my US file on Citra. It says Unable to match an encounter from an origin game. Am I only able to save edit in Pokemon either from an event or are actually able to spawn in the selected game? Also, I'm only planning on adding a Pokemon if I'm struggling. I'm planning on not using the Pokemon I added again after it served it's purpose so I'm not attempting to do this for battling.
  3. Hello there! My name is Blaze_Wolf and I play SuMo and USUM on Citra. I downloaded PHHeX to add Own Tempo Rockruff to my US game. I am relatively new and need help figuring some things out. But that's for another post. That's all from me, bye!
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