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  1. The VBA I'm using doesnt have directories options even. But tried it and same result. Downloaded different version of VBA that does have directories options, (it uses the term native saves instead of battery) but it yields the same results.
  2. I don't have a battery folder? I only have the Visualboy Advance .exe, the rom and a .SAV
  3. Saving twice yields the same result. With PKHex I open the exported battery file, drag the Legal pokemon into the box, export main from PKHex, then import the battery file in VBA. Is there something I'm doing wrong there?
  4. I can load the save file, but after following your previous steps to try and put pokemon in the box it's the same issue again.
  5. Tried that, still get the same result. Save corrupted, reverts to previous save.
  6. I'm using the Emerald Speedchoice 1.1.3 rom, VBA emulator and PKHex to edit. Wanting to fiddle around in the Frontier I added some pokemon in a box, but loading the save afterwards gives me a corrupted save file message and reverts back to the save before. All pokemon were passed as legal in PKHEX and I didn't change any other settings. Anyone know how I can make this work? pokeemerald-speedchoice-1.1.3.sav
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