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  1. Derp. I figured I had to do that. Thank you for your help! Im new to pkhex so I dont really know much about it.
  2. Sorry for the late reply i got busy, but I wanted to know what you meant about changing the species. Do you mean in the Main tab? Because when I change the species and enter a name in the Not_OT handler and save the file it just reverts back to shelmet. Idk if I misunderstood or what.
  3. Awe. That's poopy. Also I didnt wanna start a second topic so I'll ask here: I have a shelmet that I want to evolve to Accelgor. How can I make it evolve through pkhex?
  4. I tried to teach my traded Kangas Body Slam but it keeps saying "Invalid Move 1". Everything else on it is fine but the move. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated! 115 - Kangaskhan - 2628A6A453FB.pk6
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