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  1. it happens with other pokemon too like Incineroar. Desktop_2020_07.06_-_21_41_23_04.mp4 The only thing i can think of is to load it in game anyway and then go back to Pkhex to see if it fixed it.
  2. Desktop 2020.07.06 - Desktop_2020_07.06_-_20_54_21_02.mp4
  3. I Keep getting this error message even tho i changed my OT. idk what to do. i tried to look through all forums and i have no solution to make this pokemon legal. it was one of the mystery gift pokemon. its happening with a couple of my pokemon. Error message: "Invalid: Current handler cannot be past gen OT for transferred specimen" even when i click on the other one and set it, it doesn't stay legal.
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