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  1. Wow, thanks! I've been so busy lately I haven't been able to get around to that.
  2. Uum I think they're pretty similar personally? <<; I could have shifted them more forward on the side-views but the original Kris sprites aren't much to go off of when it comes to intricate details.
  3. Ok, so... which ones? You're talking about the overview ones, right? The ones facing away? I can edit any of them, I'm just nor sure which you're talking about. <<;
  4. The Rocket uniform? I think you get it in Radio Tower when you infiltrate it. I haven't played the game yet, I just edited the sprites. lol
  5. I like Kotone, I just did these for nostalgia's sake and people have been saying I should get them into a ROM. << I'm a sucker for peer pressure unfortunately. X_x What do you mean "a reasonable number of colors" though? Sorry, I know very little about all this stuff.
  6. I couldn't find them online anywhere. :[ If someone knows where to, though, I'd gladly edit them! It was waaaay more bright before but yeah, I can do it more. The yellow on this nearly killed me, and it's my favorite color! D:
  7. I created a sprite sheet for Kris using Kotone's as a base. Is it possible for someone to make a mod to replace Kotone with Kris? And would anyone here be interested?
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