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  1. Thanks for all the help, but you don't have to be ironic. I asked for help politely, I didn't demand it. I am reading them and I'm trying to figure how they work. Also is kind of difficult for me, since English is not my native language. As I told you earlier I'm trying to cope with all of this. I'm not a programmer nor an IT.
  2. I already found this site, but I don't know how to add them to my PKHex folder and make it work with them. Last time (almost a year ago) I added the AutoLegality plugin, I followed the instructions from a youtuber that had a direct dowload link for the plugin. I'm kinda new in all of this (PKHex) and any help would be much appreciated!
  3. You're totally right, but I assumed that it works (the plugin) because I had never updated it since last December and it worked with all new versions of PKHex. Nevertheless can you point me, where exactly can I find the newest version of the plugin (or it's last version) and also to a guide of how to add plugins to PKHex? Thanks in advance and thanks for the info.
  4. Hi guys! I downloaded and unzipped the recent PKHex (201024), but I'm having problem with my AutoLegality plugin. For the previous versions of PKHex I was just unzipping them in the same folder where the AutoLegality plugin was and they were working just fine, but in the recent one (201024) I get and error everytime I try to Legalize the active mon. Can someone give a step by step installation instructions and the files for the most recent AutoLegality plugin to work with most recent version of PKHex (201024)?
  5. I'm finished with installing the CFW and it worked like a charm! Now it's time for Pokemon and creation! And again thanks for all the help.
  6. I think I'll use seedminer version. I don't want to advertise anything or anyone but the video I posted was actually uploaded yesterday, so I thind it's pretty updated. But I think I'll follow a mix of both (3ds hack guide and youtube) just for the visual guide only. I know that it is piracy and it is illegal. I didn't ask for a link nor I did had the intention on posting one and of course I will not discuss it at all from on. Yes I understand that I must buy a subscription (I'm planning too if all works fine with the hacking of both 2DS and PKHeX/Pokemon game), but will I have
  7. I have a couple of questions I want to make. First of all I own a Nintendo Switch and a 2DS. I don't use the 2DS at all (my wife bought it as a present for my daughter but she doesn't use it too). I started recently to read and watch a lot of online guides on how to homebrew my 2DS (I don't to mess with my Switch yet). I have some experience in doing something like that because back in the days I homebrewed my Wii. The only reason I want to do it (homebrew 2DS) is to create my own mons from there and then move them to HOME, but I have a lot of questions that I'm hoping you can help me w
  8. Hello everyone! I started reading and using your site a couple of days. The reason is that I recently started to "create" my own mons for Sword&Shield through various online bots and after a lot of search I found about PkHex and your site. Until now, the posts and downloads I read and/or used from you site have been very helpful for me in order to create my legal mons. I want to say that I don't use my mons for competitive use, but I only collect them (if that matters for any of you). I'm struggling to complete my National Living Dex (and after that I'll try for the Shiny Nationa
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